Adding a new page

  1. viewsController.js
    • get request parameters
    • search the database
    • render the appropriate page with the data
  2. viewRoutes.js
    • add the route with appropriate params, and associate it with the controller from views controller
  3. _sideNav.pug
    • add a link on the side name
  4. <new page>.pug
    • create the new page (but try it out in sass first)
  5. index.js in PUBLIC
    • initalize form
    • set up event listeners
  6. <new page>.js ( in PUBLIC)
    • event listeners for clicking, updating, etc in form
  7. bundle.js
    • run this script (or watch if local), however, need the new bundle for upload
  8. (from build in JMJ)
  9. style.css (copies from JMJ card Sass project)

UNIX commands

  • clear
  • mkdir (can make multiple folders by putting space between names)
  • rm (files)
  • rm -rf (remove recursive force)
  • touch – make a new file
  • mv <file1> <file2> (renames a file)

Add new user – notes

  1. firstname, lastname, email, cellphone all required, plus permissions
    • add a new user, error – probably no family id, or teacher id for that matter
    • new user not showing up ? no family info, see how selection to get add users is done
  2. generate random password
  3. send email ‘login to site and choose the forgot password option’